Annual Review (06-07)

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Annual Review

Posted: November 18, 2007

Our first Annual Review covers all of AAPT's activities across the past 18 months and serves as the fiscal report for 2006.

In addition to a PDF of the full report, this page contains links to all URLs mentioned in the Review as well as expanded lists and other information that could not be accommodated in the hard copy.
Page Topic
 6 Rising Above the Gathering Storm reference in Letter from Ken Heller
 12 American Journal of Physics: List of 2006-2007 Referees (PDF)
 15 The Physics Teacher: List of 2006-2007 Referees
 18 Transition of the Announcer
 20 More information on Physics First
 26 Advanced Laboratory Initiative: Task Force Report and Advanced Labs Website
 26 Advanced Laboratory Initiative: Listserv
 26 Advanced Laboratory Initiative: Reference to Harvey Leff's Commentary
 38 Physics Team Blog
 40 Absolute Zero information on the web
 51 Full list of Outstanding Teaching Assistants

Annual Review PDF (11 MB)
Click here to view/download the 2006-2007 Annual Review

Page 62: The Section Rep for British Columbia should be listed as Rachel Moll, University of British Columbia.

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